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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Do you take time to implement a structured warm up routine prior to your sessions? Regardless if you do/don't ...Keep reading!

A few reasons why you should warm up;

  1. To prepare your body to optimally perform for the session ahead

  2. To improve weak and/or painful movements

  3. To reduce the likelihood of any training injuries

  4. Mental preparation

The video Below demonstrates a 6 phase warm up routine which is a component of the PPSC training system created by Dr John Rusin

Phase 1 and 2 consists of self myofascial release and bi phasic stretching with emphasis on the region that you want to open up for the day. Phase 3 and 4 focuses on enhancing motor control and movement through correctives and activation and finally phase 5 and 6 consists of matching the movement of the primary strength pattern for the day and central nervous system stimulation. Each phase should take no longer than 2mins ~ with the whole warm up taking approximately 12min to complete.

The KPI (Key performance indicator) for this particular session below was a Barbell back Squat so emphasis in the warm up is placed on mobilising, activating and priming the lower extremity. If your KPI was a bench press for e.g then you would focus on an upper body warm up. If your session is a full body session then you would incorporate lower and upper body patterns.

I Appreciate you taking the time to read this post and hope you found it useful!

Remember to prime before your perform!

Peter Strain

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