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Why a one size fits all approach to health and fitness doesn’t WORK

You don’t buy clothes and trainers to fit yourself, your family and friends, so why would your training programme be any different?

Just because Mr T claims you have to do XY & Z doesn’t mean that’s the best approach for you.

In a world consumed with online trainers and influencers it can be very difficult to filter the good from the ugly. The issue with so many of these types of programs that online coaches/influencers are selling is that the coach is completely unaware of who their audience may be on the other end of the screen and you are just another “sale” in their eyes.

Now, the average person watching these videos may be sold seriously misled information, simply because the influencer on instagram or YouTube told them so.

We are all have different goals, lifestyles, injury history, hobbies, fitness levels and the list goes on.

My coaching philosophy has always been to take a bespoke approach to maximise the full potential and performance of the client, at the lowest cost output.

As much as some exercises are great for one person, they may not be appropriate for another. The focus should always be on what YOU can do vs what you CAN’T do.

I firmly believe in training movement patterns. We aim to train each movement pattern at least 2x a week with clients

SQUAT - Knee dominant

HINGE - Hip dominant

LUNGE- Asymmetrical stance

PUSH- Horizontal / Vertical

PULL -Horizontal / Vertical

CARRY - Locomotion

ROTATION - Falls within all the above patterns

When working with clients we initially assess them across all the fundamental movement patterns . By doing so, this gives a us a sound knowledge and understanding of how they move and what exercise variations will be best suited for them.

It’s vitally important the coach-client relationship is strong. Communication is everything for long term success. Once we start building up a relationship then we can continue to build competency, intensity and progression over time.

This is an example of how we would start collecting information on each of our clients...

Meet Julie

Goal - Strength

Needs- Improve Lean body mass

History-Dancer 15+ years.

Mindset- Likes accountability.

SQUAT linchpin- L/R hip stability

HINGE linchpin - Core stability

LUNGE linchpin- L/R hip stability

LOWER linchpin- Motor control under load

PULL linchpin -

PUSH linchpin-

UPPER linchpin -

TOTAL linchpin -Hypermobile.

Observations/Notes -Has experienced some lumbar pain in group fitness previously. Eager but cautious mindset.Has never focused strictly on strength training but has done 1+ years group fitness.

Emphasis -Strength with focus on stability and foundational movement patterns, skill acquisition, tissue and joint tolerance.

To Summarise

Training should be less about “What” exercise is being performed and more about the “How” and “Why” when it comes to consistent progression, training longevity, and results.

The key takeaway is to invest in yourself and invest in a high quality coach who cares about you. There are so many fantastic coaches out there but you will have to filter through a lot of $**T you come across on various social media channels.

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